Youth and Education

We believe that every student should have access to education that prepares them to succeed in school and life. We believe that investing in education creates a foundation for a better future for all of us. We support programs that encourage a child’s success in a safe environment and that foster learning in all subjects, including after-school activities as well as other interventions.

Our funding is specifically for K-12 education in schools and in out-of-school organizations that increase test scores, classroom performance and/or attendance.

Local Stories

Donation of toys for tots with Santa

Toys for Tots

On December 19th, 1,566 toys, along with a $1,000 donation, were presented to Master Sergeant William Garvey, the United States Marine representing the Massachusetts chapter of Toys for Tots. This was made possible by the heart-warming generosity of our teams at the Shaw’s Store Support Center and the following districts: SE/MA Cape, Rhode Island, and Star Market.

In addition:
– Shaw’s stores collected toys for the Toys for Tots program. Over 21 bins filling up a tractor trailer were donated to the non-profit organization.
– And, Shaw’s Distribution Center in Wells, Maine also donated hundreds of toys to the organization.

Where We Give

We focus on giving locally to help strengthen neighborhoods and change lives.